Mt. Greylock Regional Trail Map and Interpretive Guide

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This map covers Mount Greylock and the conserved lands surrounding it. Greylock, the tallest mountain in Massachusetts, has a history as rich as its ecology. Spectacular views, remote boggy areas, alpine and boreal forests, and more than twenty rare and endangered plants grace its rolling peaks and ridgelines. Its tower-topped summit is a landmark for miles around and a defining characteristic of the Berkshire landscape. This guide details the flora and fauna found in the area as well as the long human history on the mountain. Highlights include: The Hopper, Mount Prospect, the Greylock Summit, Jones’ Nose, Stony Ledge, Sperry Campground, CCC Dynamite Trail, Money Brook, Robinson’s Point Trail, Deer Hill Falls Loop, Saddleball Mountain, Bascom Lodge, and Greylock Glen.